Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

When I got my first tattoo, people told me it was going to become an obsession. I really have no opinion on whether people like getting inked, or are adamantly opposed. It is something I thought carefully about, spending probably a year tossing the concept for it back and forth in my brain. And I enjoy my tattoos, so that’s all that really matters to me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but tattoos are pretty permanent life decisions (they can be removed, through a very painful and relatively expensive process, but who wants to go through that?!) (more…)

On Being Five More Than Thirty

Today I turned thirty-five.

I wasn’t upset when I turned twenty-five. Or thirty.

Somehow, twenty-seven was a rough year for me. Not really sure about the cause of that…maybe 2007 was a bad year for everyone?

Now, I’m hitting the next milestone (or half-milestone?) birthday…and it is actually hitting me.

As I said to a friend who asked me why I was struggling: “I’m a whole new demographic now!”

He was understandably confused.

“A whole new demographic! I filled out a survey online, and I’m no longer an “18-34 year old” adult. I have to check “35-49 year old” box now! What does that make me? Am I old now?!”

I know how ridiculous it sounds.

Thirty-five just feels…weird. (more…)

Opinions: When to Listen, and When to Simply Say…

 ”Seriously. Fuck them.”

I find myself sharing that phrase with friends more consistently in recent months. (more…)

Leaving The Land Of Coconut Cowboys

I’ve referred to SE Asia as the Land of Coconut Cowboys for a long while now.

The term itself is combination of two concepts I’d had long conversations about – Dan Andrews’ description of visiting the Philippines as “the Wild West” and James Schramko’s presentation at last year’s Dynamite Circle conference about the dangers of resting on “Coconut Cash.”