Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

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When I got my first tattoo, people told me it was going to become an obsession. I really have no opinion on whether people like getting inked, or are adamantly opposed. It is something I thought carefully about, spending probably a year tossing the concept for it back and forth in my brain. And I enjoy my tattoos, so that’s all that really matters to me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but tattoos are pretty permanent life decisions (they can be removed, through a very painful and relatively expensive process, but who wants to go through that?!) (more…)

On Being Five More Than Thirty


Today I turned thirty-five.

I wasn’t upset when I turned twenty-five. Or thirty.

Somehow, twenty-seven was a rough year for me. Not really sure about the cause of that…maybe 2007 was a bad year for everyone?

Now, I’m hitting the next milestone (or half-milestone?) birthday…and it is actually hitting me.

As I said to a friend who asked me why I was struggling: “I’m a whole new demographic now!”

He was understandably confused.

“A whole new demographic! I filled out a survey online, and I’m no longer an “18-34 year old” adult. I have to check “35-49 year old” box now! What does that make me? Am I old now?!”

I know how ridiculous it sounds.

Thirty-five just feels…weird. (more…)

Opinions: When to Listen, and When to Simply Say…

DeathtoStock_London5 copy

 ”Seriously. Fuck them.”

I find myself sharing that phrase with friends more consistently in recent months. (more…)

Leaving The Land Of Coconut Cowboys

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I’ve referred to SE Asia as the Land of Coconut Cowboys for a long while now.

The term itself is combination of two concepts I’d had long conversations about – Dan Andrews’ description of visiting the Philippines as “the Wild West” and James Schramko’s presentation at last year’s Dynamite Circle conference about the dangers of resting on “Coconut Cash.”