2011 Goals – A Year of Intention

I know I said before the 2011 was going to be my Year of Health.

I lied.

2011 Goals Year of IntentionInstead, I have decided 2011 will be my Year of Intention. Less mindless busywork. Less Tweeting “because it will help promote me.” Less zoning out watching television or movies. Less filling my life with meaningless “stuff” but instead attempting to motivate everything with intention.

An intention to better myself.

To better the world around me.

It is with this intention that I list out my 2011 Goals. Resolution are lame. But I feel like I’m in good company with goal-gurus like Jenny and Sean and Alan and Chris keeping an eye on me. (Ok, Chris Guillebeau doesn’t keep an eye on what I do, but let a girl dream!)


  • Rebuild Emergency Fund – Starting a business in the fourth quarter of the year was not an ideal situation for my poor little savings account
  • Pay Off Last 2 Credit Cards – In full Shopaholic style, my Macy’s and State Farm credit card are in a block of ice in my freezer. Macy’s card will be used occasionally and then paid off as it is my oldest line of credit (will never use it again though)
  • Earn $5K in One Month From Writing – If this is going to be my gig, might as well make it super sustainable, right?!
  • Fully Implement the Overcoming Uncertainty Mint.com Program – I own the Overcoming Uncertainty program. I have Mint.com. I look at the reports. I know I’m not making my money work for me.

Knowledge & Experiences

  • Play Guitar & Sing Onstage – I’ve performed onstage since I was 10 or so. Guitar & singing together, though? Never.
  • Read 50 Books – Well, this one is kinda self-explanatory
  • Create Life List – I’ll admit it. I’ve got Bucket List-envy
  • Speak Conversational French – Eventually I would like to become a polygot. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
  • Create Charity Project – I have some ideas. But I think that it would be cool to create a product sold for charity, maybe involving social media?
  • Open an Etsy Store – Yep, I make pretty spiffy beaded jewelry. It’s a nice (read cheap) alternative for a start-up owner to give as presents to girlfriends (somehow my guy…friends don’t want crystal bead necklaces. Weird…)
  • Get Library Card –This is like a low-hanging fruit, right? Haven’t had one since I lived at home with my parents though…


  • Los Angeles – Hoping for a 4th Quarter 2011 visit to the girl-in-the-know Sharalyn and some other friends
  • San Francisco – Ok, who didn’t see this coming?! Annual SP 2.0 w/my SPIRLBFF
  • Other Portland – God willing (no, seriously, I need a god’s intervention at this point) I will be at the World Domination Summit in June 2011
  • New York City – A visit to my kindred writing-spirit is WAY overdue! Plus, I might have a business reason to be travel starting 2nd Quarter 2011.
  • Boston (Times 10) – It’s only a two-hour train ride away. Even though there’s a boa constrictor loose on the red line, I am missing out not visiting more often


  • Write eBook & Publish – Yep, I’ve got one and it should be ready for a big announcement in the 2nd quarter. You may commence with the hating. But I’m really hoping to make it not suck!
  • Write First Draft of Book – Holy daunting task Batman!!!
  • Attend National Writing Conference/Workshop – I need to learn from the pros and peers
  • Get Published In a National Print Magazine – I’ve done well rocking the online arena. I don’t plan to stop. But I’d like to expand my repertoire.
  • Relaunch Writing Studio


  • Have Coffee w/Melissa SenateKind of writing/career as well, Melissa is one of my FAVORITE women’s literature writers and I recently found out she has a home in Maine. Fate? I think so!
  • Write One Handwritten Letter A Week To Someone and Snail Mail – I discovered with my holiday cards how touching a handwritten note is. And I’ve got a TON of addresses now. It’s time to start making my friends realize how special they are to me!
  • Date Someone Long Enough To Call Them “My Boyfriend” – Ugh! Hives! Short breath! I passed on many a chance to even attempt this in 2010, even though it was my Year of Love. Not sure what the protocol is on this one, but it’s pretty measurable.
  • Meet 10 “online” friends “IRL” – Not Mainers. I love you all, but that’s just too easy!
  • Spend 1 Day per Week NOT Logging In To Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Six days is enough to build 140-character relationships…

Health & Wellness

  • Run Trail To Ale 10K in September – Fun race, longer than a 5K, they give you beer & pizza at the end AND the proceeds go to the Portland Trails? Yes please…
  • Practice Yoga 3X per Week – Yoga makes me feel better, I need to do it more often and consistently.
  • Lose 3 Sizes – I’m currently the “National Average” size 14. This is not healthy. My weight is all skewy cause of my…ummm…chest weight and a weird apportionment of muscle (at least according to my nutritionist, doctor and chiropractor…apparently under the jiggle lies rippling abs.) I’ve actually lost 3 sizes from what I was a year ago.
  • Stay In Plank Pose For 3 Minutes Straight – Plank kicks my ass. I hate it. I sun salute out of it as soon as I can.
  • Participate In One Rec League Sport – Adult Ed, PortSports…Kickball, Indoor Soccer…the possibilities are ENDLESS!
  • Take A Weekend Retreat BY MYSELF – Three days, just me. Away from everything.
  • Watch Less Than 15 Hours A Week of TV/Movies/Netflix/Etc – I’ve gotten into a DANGEROUS lifestyle of zoning out to the red box. 15 hrs a week gives me 2 hrs A DAY and a bonus hour of programming. That should be MORE than enough!

I’m planning to provide updates at least quarterly on these. Depending on the goal, a post might be in order (I doubt you guys want a post on how I got my library card though.)

Here’s to a GREAT 2011!

Do we share any goals? Anything similar? Polar opposite?

How can I help you hit YOUR goals in 2011?

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  1. Wow, talk about a year of ambition! Let me know when you put together your bucket list. And how exactly one obtains this elusive library card you speak of.


    • Alan – Well, since I adore YOUR bucket list consider your brain a target for picking. πŸ™‚

      And yes, this library card. I think it’s like a grail or something. Often spoken about yet you have to climb through a pit of snakes to get it. Or walk up to the circulation desk. You know…one or the other.

  2. I feel resolutions have such a bad rap πŸ™‚ I personally love them. Your goal of dating someone long enough to call boyfriend reminded me of a 2008 resolution of mine. “Date someone I actually like for a month.” Ha πŸ™‚ I met that goal! And he’s my current boyfriend.

    Let’s plan to meet! I may find myself in Maine when I make my way to Boston.

    A big chunk of my 2010 books I read were from the library. The library is such a wonderful resource for someone who’s paying off debt.

    I loved this list. Good luck to you!

    • Linda – I agree, resolutions do get a bit of a bad rap. For some reason I just like goals more than resolutions. Feels more actionable (resolutions you RESOLVE to do, goals are how you WIN!)

      That’s so awesome that your goal led to dating Alan…you two are adorable! Your goal is a little more controllable than mine. If I were a desperate dater it could be a problem!

      And yes! Come to Maine to visit for a day! Come in the summer or fall…those are the best seasons. Though I’ll entertain anytime. πŸ™‚

  3. Can I be one of the IRL people to meet?? πŸ™‚ Please! hehe

    Great list. Super comprehensive, I’m impressed and sounds amazing.

    • Grace – Ummmm…OBVIOUSLY!!! I went back and forth with including Boulder on the travel list as well. It’s a possible “extra stop” this year.

      OR when you are up visiting Maine. Can’t wait, regardless of the circumstances! πŸ™‚

  4. Proud of you! I know it’ll be an amazing one for you and I’m stoked to be one of the IRL (funny Gracie pie just said the same thing!) I also just ASSUMED that I will be one of those, πŸ˜‰ Cause I would love for that to happen.

    • Chelsea – Hrmm…yeah, I think we’ll probably meet up or something this year. πŸ™‚

      Definite good assumption, darling. Can’t WAIT!!!!

  5. Lots of good stuff, Elisa! Looking forward to following along.

  6. I’m keeping an eye out! And you’re doing great. Sean’s program is worthwhile, and I love your public, specific statement of the $5k in one month from writing. Hope to see you in West Coast Portland…

    • Chris – Aw shoot, you ARE keeping an eye out! I should have known better… πŸ˜‰

      The 5K statement was a little daunting. I started lower, then said “Eff It! Aim for what you WANT!”

      Now, just to make it all happen.

      I look forward to seeing you again in West Coast Portland, too! Power of positive thinking and statements on goals and whatnot. I’ll make it happen!

  7. Love this list Elisa! Amazing. I’m ALWAYS honored to be one of your close confidants and #1 fans πŸ˜€


    • Jenny Blake – YOU are amazing! And thanks…I’m kinda really looking forward to 2011 because of these goals. Much less daunting than the “get a handle on love” goal of 2010!

      I’ve already made an Excel template to track it. πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow incredible list! I am inspired/overwhelmed by it. BUT you totally sparked an idea for me about doing something for charity. Oooo so excited now! I have been thinking about how I could get involved. Yay!

    (And if you are NYC and have a spare moment, I’d love to meet!)

    • Diana – First and foremost, yes, I am most DEFINITELY going to try to meet up with lots of people when I am down in NYC!!

      I was excited for the idea for charity as well. I do a lot of charity events (recent Polar Plunge, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, etc.) but I wanted to do something that was totally MY contribution. And the idea of creating that…it just seemed awesome.

      Good luck with yours – I look forward to hearing about it!

  9. Lovely list! I posted about my goals here -> http://plansonacomet.com/2011/01/03/smart-goals/ but didn’t write all of them down. I will also have a bucket list, and I will run a 10k too. I hope πŸ˜€
    And I love the charity idea!

    • Emmanuelle – Thanks for sharing, I love the stuff on your list (the eLance sign up is huge – congrats!!)

      I’m super excited for the Bucket List, a big old blob of “sky’s the limit” stuff. Let me know when you have yours, I’d love to see what you come up with!

  10. As your “girl in the know” I am super excited about your travel goals! And with me, it’s a double-whammy! You come here AND we meet IRL! πŸ™‚ Great list, Elisa! This is going to be a stellar year! πŸ™‚

  11. wow. that is some crazy ass giant list! both impressive and scary. i know i’ve said this before, but you say the things out loud that i only quietly secretly fantasize about, and for that i have giant admiration. big props on the charity project! i can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    • Allie – It’s a pretty big list, but some of the things are easily attainable/just a matter of intention (see how it all links together!) Like the library card…it’s just a matter of DOING!

      And you are actually on a short list of people I have in mind to collaborate with on said charity project. More details will come out once I get some other things in place. πŸ™‚

  12. Stellar list Elisa!

    I love your idea to date someone long enough to call them boyfriend. This year, my relationship goal is just to date. I’ve been of the game for awhile.

    Good for you on writing handwritten notes. I think about doing this all the time but am so lazy I usually just send off the email instead. And, cutting back on TV is a also something I am working on and turning to reading more. It’s amazing what else you can find to do when you are not watching TV.

    You have a lot of stellar things on your list that is really balanced with fun and that will keep you on track. Yay! Can’t wait to read how you are checking them all off, one-by-one.

    • ChaChanna – Haha, yes, that is a good one. I like Linda’s as well (towards the top of the comments, a couple years ago) – β€œDate someone I actually like for a month.”

      Last year my relationship goal was to put myself out there and learn all about love. Now it’s time to try applying all that stuff!

      I love handwritten notes! It takes some time (a good note is at least 30 mins worth of writing) but it means so much to me to write out something worthwhile and it means so much to others to receive them. Course no TV has certainly freed up a good amount of time!

      I spent a long while working on making sure the list was balanced with different types of goals, different levels of “challenge” and different areas of my life. The 4 folks I listed certainly offered awesome advice/posts on how to set it up, so a good amount of props goes to them!

  13. That’s a pretty big list there ma’am.

    I actually love my library card because when I went to get I found out that someone else already had one under my SSN. It was a lucky break since I was able to get on the identity theft cleanup process early (I was just out of high school) before I was ready to make big purchases like my house.

    • Johnny – Look at the public service the library provides! I’m excited to get my library card, though scheduling has been a little nuts.

      As for the list…it’s ONLY 35 items. Taking it like an elephant. Seems much more manageable then!

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