2012 – A Year of Fun

Template Design by Nicole Antoinette of Nicole Is BetterI will continue to kick ass and take names this year.

In fact, along with Janet, I plan on making 2012 my bitch.

2011 was a year that took a toll. I feel like other than the one weekend retreat I took at the beginning of the year, there was nary a moment in the past 365 that I was not hustlin’.


Living your life very intentionally, it can be exhausting.


In fact, as I noted to someone recently, I spent more time crying in 2011 than I have collectively  in my entire existence (I hate crying!). Who wants to be that person? Honestly.

I’m not someone who likes to run away from hard work. I’m more like one of those people always working in some way because I actually like my work and don’t mind working hard at it.

I’ve gotten some pretty great experiences out of an intentional life.

2012, with all its promise of exciting adventures and new experiences and finally getting my feet under me, deserves to be something more.


2012 will be my Year of Fun


Does that mean I’m just going to screw around for 12 months?

Definitely not!

Slacking off for any extended amount of time might result in immediate fun, but long-term pain and suffering (also known as anti-fun).

Instead, I’m striving to find the fun in the things I focused so intentionally on in 2011. Thanks to the wonderful Nicole is Better I am starting that process with the fabulously fun little icon image at the top of this post (you can download your easily customizable very own personal template here). Mine is a little modified (you can see my full-sized version here) as I wanted fewer buckets for more stream-lined concentration and potential-for-fun-having.

Looking over my 2011 goals (and their flaming crash-and-burn finale) I instead opted to go for a bit simpler model, a basic smushing of my 2011 and 2010 systems.


What does my 2012 Year of Fun entail?




This is my most important “fun” bucket in 2012. I want to live life with amazing experiences, things that I savor and remember and can write about and share. That’s all life is really, a string of experiences loosely connected to form a strand from birth-to-death.




After writing about Ebenezer Scrooge and Social Media for Forbes (my favorite piece I’ve written for anything anywhere in a LONG while, seriously go read it sometime!), I re-ignited my passion for creative writing. It is where I have the most fun. A wise man recently smacked me (gently) in the face with a harsh realization…being a freelancer is not necessarily a sustainable business model. Especially starting out. Writing the kind of writing I want to write (?!) will have it’s OWN bucket, separate from my “I-like-to-eat-occasionally-and-have-money-for-living-expenses” (aka Work) bucket.




This will always be a bucket for me, because the people in my life ARE fun and I have fun building and nourishing and relishing my relationships (both platonic and romantic). It is vital for me to always make it a focus, to make new friends but keep the old. (That and how to whore cookies like it’s my job are my greatest lessons learned from Girl Scouts)




A continued quest, and probably one of my biggest fears/apprehensions traveling. I’m convinced getting out of some very un-healthy routines that I’ve fallen into here in the land of comfort and quick access to cheese and chocolate and red wine or bourbon will be a brilliant move for me. I want to get to a place in this new year that I feel well. A place where I am happy (physically, mentally, emotionally) in my own body and space.




Work can (and should!) be fun. Plain and simple. No, you don’t have to be one of those people who lives and breathes to do what you do every moment of the day (though how amazing does that sound?!) but you should be doing work that makes you happy that you can enjoy and thrive at and grow in. It should also not demolish you to a sobbing heap of stress and hysteria. I have some big projects and products that I will ship and pitch in 2012, along with the help of some amazing partners and collaborators. It’s time to start having fun with my intentional work.


Giving Back


I was selfish in 2011. Part of me needed to be, because I barely had enough to sustain myself and that didn’t leave much to be handed out to others. I didn’t like being that person. Giving back, helping others, investing in dreams – these are things that make me grin from ear-to-ear. It is at least 40% of the reason I so desperately wanted the gig with TMBA. Seeing someone succeed and knowing you were a part of it?


Now THAT is frickin’ fun.

Photo Credit – Nicole Antoinette (w/some modification by me)


  1. So weird to be as excited about someone else’s 2012 as I am for you. I can’t wait til when you start updating from Bali!

    • Haha, I TOTALLY understand! I’m so intrigued and interested in everyone else’s goals for 2012 and I love creeping into their lives and experiences from 2011. I feel a little like a Peeping Tom!

      Thanks for everything – your sweet support is so wonderful! 🙂

  2. Your goals are wonderful, Elisa! I hear you on the exhaustion from 2011 making you assess the need for fun in 2012. I can relate.

    I like how you’re naming 2012 Year of Fun. My 2012 is the Year of Love and Courage.

    • Elise – Have so much fun with your Year of Love! I loved my year of love…which I felt was a pretty good indication I was doing something right! 😉

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you were able to use my crazy template 🙂

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