All You Need Is Love

2010 is my Year of Love.

That’ll make a whole lot more sense by the end of this post (hopefully!)

On January 3, 2009 I wrote my first blog post for Ophelia’s Webb. It came about cause I really didn’t have much else to do during the first week of 2009. I worked myself so hard, stressed myself out so much and put myself at the bottom of my priority list to a point of personal endangerment.

As I laid in my bathtub with the shower head pounding scalding hot water on me to try to massage out the throbbing pains shooting thru my legs I knew I was not ok. A 7 hour trip to the ER, an IV and a saline bag to treat dehydration and exhaustion later and I was put on bed rest for a week.

I wrote about some things I had learned in an attempt to plan out my upcoming year. I’m not great at New Year’s Resolutions. Which is kinda funny, cause I love lists and goals and planning.

But somehow I come up with a fantastic list by January 1st of each year with SMART goals and lofty plans yet never manage to fully execute any of them by December 31st. Which is a horrible pill to swallow for such a consummate control freaked goal setter as myself.

Reading the ever-brilliant Holly Hoffman’s recent post Screw Resolutions – Give Your Year A Theme gave me some of the clarity I needed to see why my resolutions weren’t coming to fruition. Then virtual-slumber party-chatting with Jenny Blake further spun the wheels in my head, feverishly and frantically trying to figure out how to plan out my resolutions.

The problem seems to be that I have been creating laundry lists of an array of things to do without being truly committed to and vested in each and every of them.

Enter 2010 – The Year Of Love. Because really, at the end of the day LOVE really IS all you need.

This doesn’t mean that 2010 will JUST be the year I allow myself to…gulp…open up enough to maybe (just maybe…oh dear god what the hell am I thinking…maybe) fall in love with someone. Erm…at least stop fixating on boys who don’t “like me back.” Or heck, at least try make it to a third date with the ones who do.

But there’s so much more to love than just a person in our lives.

There’s learning to love ourselves. Being healthier, challenging ourselves yet never being so hard on ourselves that we crush our own spirit, looking in the mirror and liking the person who smiles back at us. Finding happiness in our personalities and dorkiness and embracing those things and LOVING them.

There’s doing stuff with your day that you love. And newsflash…you CAN love doing stuff with your day within four walls of your cube. Or you can love being an entrepreneur/writer/retail clerk. Maybe your job is just what makes you the money to do what you REALLY love. Like your knitting hobby. Or your guitar and songwriting addiction. Or hiking your day away, lost on a mountain in Maine.

There’s loving the world around you. Taking the time each day to notice how the sun shines through the ice on the trees like a Waterford crystal vase catching light and making it dance on the sidewalk. Or noticing the way strangers will give up their seat on the subway for an elderly person or pregnant woman. Taking inventory of the moments in the day that bring a smile to your face and cherishing them.

And finally, there’s the love of relationships. People always assume as soon as you use the word relationships they have to be romantic. But there’s our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, and so on and so on. There’s the beauty of a hand-written mailed letter on personalized stationary. The perfection you feel when you sit around the island in a kitchen with 10 friends making a potluck dinner for the New Year. And yes, the warm fuzziness of receiving emails first thing in the morning or a boy pushing that piece of hair out of your face that keeps falling into it.

So for me 2010 is going to be a year full of discovering love in as many things as I can. My resolution is to make 2010 a Year of Love.

What will your 2010 look like? What will be your theme?

PS – Go check out Holly’s post after you comment here…you won’t be sorry. And she “came up with it” first. Or at least before me.