The Writer Who Hates Writing

hate writing

I don’t always have the answers, but if you’re a writer who complains about how much they hate writing, this is what I have to say.

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What Happens When Your Muse Doesn’t Answer?


What do you do if something happens to your muse? How do you handle it if your muse does not answer your beckon call?

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Finding the People Who Care

find your audience

There will always be a market for quick and easy, and it will likely make lots of money. But for those who want more, you’ll need to find your audience.

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You’re the Author of Your Own Life Story

creating stories

Like a longer message? This is from my fortnightly newsletter, and you can get in on that action if you want more. Just enter your information here, and I’ll be poppin’ into your inbox before you know it! The following is a true story…for your weekend reading amusement. A friend asked me late last week, […]

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