Don’t Kill a Darling Just to Kill a Darling

kill your darlings

Like a longer message? This is from my fortnightly newsletter, and you can get in on that action if you want more. Just enter your information here, and I’ll be poppin’ into your inbox before you know it! This essay is based, in part, on the ending to the television series How I Met Your […]

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Are You a Good Fan and Follower?

be a good fan

Screw all those people who are above you sharing something you really enjoyed. Be a good fan and don’t let stigma keep you from spreading positivity.

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On Wanting One Thing But Doing Another

A haircut is a funny thing. The cliche is that you cut your hair when you’re going through a change. But in my case, maybe the two are just a coincidence?

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It’s OK to Change Your Creative Direction

creative direction

In barely 500 years, the world has shifted focus countless times. What changes are happening in your industry or mind that you aren’t paying attention to?

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