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Knowing Where You Don’t Belong And Notes From TEDx – Chiang Mai

Just over two years ago I had never been to a TED or TEDx event, even though I already had friends speaking at them and watched the videos with a notebook in hand. In the spring of 2011 I had attended a viewing party of the global TED event and met a number of people that I knew I wanted in my thought-circles. Continue reading

To The People Who Matter You Will Always Matter

When I miss my friends and family back home…I email them. I Facebook them. I call them. I meet up with them when they travel in the same place I am.

I tried, for the first ten months or so that I was traveling, to get people to Skype with me. Some were willing, others not so much. At first I spent a lot of time being frustrated and…well…angry.

Must *I* always be the one to meet people halfway? Continue reading

You Have To Work At Wonder

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

I don’t know how I didn’t walk into more people or buildings as I wandered around the streets of Prague with my eyes toward the sky, oblivious to my surroundings.

The old city and nearby metro areas are like a throw-back to another time. Huge stone buildings overwhelm narrow cobblestone streets and people bustle by you speaking any number of random languages to their companions or into a Bluetooth earpiece. A perfect collision of years past with modern realities.

Especially for me. It was my first time in Europe.

As I walked with my group of friends, hustling to dinner, we turned a corner and stumbled onto what appeared to be a castle in the Old Town Square lit up in the dark Prague sky. I stopped cold and took in the scene around me.

Beauty like that should give you pause. Continue reading

Purging The Toxic From Your Life (or What 108 Sun Salutations Taught Me About Goal Setting)

elisayogaIt’s a pain carrying around bullshit day to day.

Remember the story of that guy Atlas? He had to carry the weight of the world (universe) on his shoulders?


I mean, he’s a mythological figure and all…but you get the idea.

For the first time in years, I’ve struggled settling into goals and plans for 2013. I spoke with a number of peers and friends who were all¬†diligently¬†reviewing their 2012 year-to-date progress, dreaming big for the upcoming year, and calculating their projections for 2013 goals. Continue reading

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