(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

It is Spring of 2024, and I have been living in a small rural town in the forests of southern New Hampshire in the northeast of the US for a couple years off-and-on now.

It often feels like I might be living in some Hallmark movie remake, except I would much prefer to be the quirky local writer who provides background story and color commentary on the main character storylines. Perhaps because I’m not feeling like a main character in my own life most days. Also possible that I have no desire for some dude (likely named Derrek or Thom) to come crashing in on my plot, as he’s here against his will for “just a few days” to tend to his recently passed father’s will before he returns to his very important job in the city where he “does sales” for a Big Corporation™. And I don’t even know the family that runs the local Christmas tree farm (but yes, there is one in this town.)

In all honesty, I spend most of my time running the editorial agency and website Craft Your Content, where I help writers and essayists to make their own writing even better. I am luck to work alongside a fantastic collective of editors and writing coaches.

If you are looking to work with me, that is where you want to go. I like to say I help people write shit that matters, because that is the difference I want to make in the world. Writing that matters.

Though that’s my current primary focus, I do always have other plans and projects in the works:

  • I am in the process of burning a lot of things to the ground (metaphorically…so far I have not taken my pyro-interest to the real world) and seeing what I want to pull from the ashes and work with in the next 10 years. It’s a process that hurts a lot, but I’m also hoping to document it more here.
  • I’d like to do more podcasts and radio interviews in 2024. If you are interested in having me on your show to talk about writing, editing, creativity, craft, entrepreneurship, and occasionally travel (I don’t travel much these days), maybe we can figure something out?
  • I do not accept many invitations to attend or speak at events, as I prefer to channel that energy into my work with clients and my own craft.
  • My favorite gig in the world is being an Aintín to my niece and nephew. You won’t see them much because the internet is creepy for kiddos, but I do talk about them a lot. Be prepared, because I’m not even a little sorry.
  • I strive to be a better yogi. Currently I’m doing well if I can knock out a dozen sun salutations in the morning.
  • I do not drink alcoholic beverages as often as I used to, contrary to what my Instagram might lead you to believe. This is partly a professional choice, and partly a personal choice. I still enjoy a quality pint with friends, a glass of red wine at dinner, or a dram of whisky by the fire. But in general, you won’t find me out at the bar as much.
  • I do drink a crazy amount of coffee and tea though, so if you want to meet up for one of those, lemme know.