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Don’t know about you, but one of my “surf the ‘net, find pretty pictures, save to Pinterest for ‘one day’ application” rabbit holes is searching out writing and creating workspaces.

I find it fascinating to see where people work, whether they are big-name famous artists or everyday folks toiling away at their NaNoWriMo self-published vampire fanfic (that could pay off big one day…) Aesthetically and practically.

So when I saw: This Woman Wrote Her Novel At A Tire Store And Now They Are Her Biggest Fans, I obviously had to click through.

There is no crazy hook here, or bait-and-switch. This woman took her car in to get serviced, and found such a motivated jam in the visitor waiting area (with free wifi and coffee and donuts) that she started asking family and friends if she could take theirvehicles in. Just to get more time in a sweet spot she had found.

Eventually, the tire store made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Can any of you say that you are a Writer-in-Residence for a tire company AND a published author?

Maybe you just haven’t found your perfect place to write yet; surrounded by the right people who will support you tirelessly. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)